Inventive Modern Home Design That Emphasizes Shared Space With Young Children

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For a family with young children, a home design that maximizes the space for playing is more needed. There should be fewer furniture items but more on the large empty area. So, children can play anywhere they want. Then, the house has to look brighter and larger as well since most children avoid the dark. In this article, we are going to see an inventive modern home design that works well with children.


In this picture, we can see the balcony area that decorated well. It has wooden seating furniture with green pouf. The round wooden table completes its simple look. Further, look at the wonderful urban life view that so amazing. Imagine you spend time with your kids while playing sudoku.


This is the main living area that connects the entire site. Look at plastered white brick walls that tell us more about the industrial modern style. The use of a navy sofa makes it more welcoming. The fireplace with a rectangular copper block over it looks so glam. It has built-in shelves as well that display more books.


What about this area? It has more empty space that allows children to run and run. With dark woods and concrete and glasses, this area looks so warm and cozy. The owner also adds a grey area rug under the dining area to make it more stylish.


The kitchen looks so glam with walnut cabinet and black countertops. The island, cooking space, and bar area in this space are decorated well in classic touches. The unique lighting fixtures keeps this area bright at night.


With white walls, this bedroom looks so bright and airy. It has a simple design but comfy. The combination of woods, bricks, and rug make it warm. We love the table lamps as well, especially the mushroom one.


Further, this house also provides an outdoor living area too. The owner also builds a fireplace to attain a warmer atmosphere. The seating areas with minimalist touches let the owner welcome more guests.


From the balcony, we can see the outdoor living area as well. The green trees and grasses around add more natural feeling. Though this house is not larger the children can play outside and inside as they like. So, what do you think about this house design? As a contemporary modern house, it also shows industrial touches beautifully.


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