Every family has different needs. So, it is a must to build a house that will fit with family activities. Having a room with a flexible purpose will create a flexible and interactive interior. The interior can be used by everyone, kids and adults. Here is a house that designed around adaptable spaces. Check out!

Who says that distressed woods only work for a classic room decoration? Nowadays, designers are more creative to design a room with various materials. Then, distressed woods are more than enough to show a modern look. Here we have distressed wood kitchen designs that modern and elegance. You are free to apply similar ways to upgrade your old-fashioned kitchen. Keep to scroll down!

There are various ways to re-upgrade a home design. It can be by changing totally the look of the exterior and interior space or adding an extension to the house. What we want to share here is a home renovation that looks incredible with an extension to the rear of the home. Let’s take a look closer!

When bedrooms have staircases or stairs in them, it might be they have a space above it. You might find a patio, a verandah, or a home office. Spira staircase on the bedroom is not only functional but also decorative. Due to the shape is eye-catching, so the bedroom looks more artistic. Check out these ideas below!

People tend to install decorative accents like carpet or rug for a certain room. But, it should be thought well before deciding to add an item to any room, especially for the dining room. Usually, the dining space is located in a small area. Even, nowadays most of us love to design an open plan floor. So, it will be better for us to apply for a plain carpet for the dining room.

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