If you have an empty bottle of wine, then don’t throw them away keep them with you because you can change them into an amazing and gorgeous decoration for your house. You can make them into chandelier, candle holder, or even tiki torch to light up your night event.

People tend to install decorative accents like carpet or rug for a certain room. But, it should be thought well before deciding to add an item to any room, especially for the dining room. Usually, the dining space is located in a small area. Even, nowadays most of us love to design an open plan floor. So, it will be better for us to apply for a plain carpet for the dining room.

Have you ever heard about a home that comfortable to live in and affordable to run? Or do you already have it? Having an RACV tiny home is such a blessing. You can live in any area and go any time you like. But, it is not easy to decorate that dreamy house due to the shape and tiny space that almost impossible to have everything we need.

To decorate a home for Christmas, it doesn’t have to with expensive ornaments. Since you are creative enough, the wood slice will work well almost for all decoration, included Christmas. Take a wood slice and paint it, draw an image in it, or just letters to spruce up your holiday room decoration. Combine with string lights, garland, or other Christmas ornaments.

There are lots of creativity on decorating your house and trees on Christmas season, even when creating decoration you need to pour some creativity on it. Don’t always buy your decoration on the store, but put some effort on making the decoration by yourself. Not only handmade decorations will suite your taste better but you can also ensure that the color and shape match with your other decoration.

From the green color in patterned wallpaper to the green color on the wall, they always give the sense on life, prosperity and harmony. And by using green color to decorate your house you can easily get the feeling of tranquility.